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Super King Size 200cm 180cm

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Build your own mattress with Better Bed Company. Formed from a lifetime in the bed industry Better Bed Company is one of the fastest growing online bed and furniture companies in the UK, Now they

What are mattresses?

Mattresses can be used as a sleeping surface providing comfort for the user. They come in sizes for best practice add to the same size bed frame. A mattress consists of fillings and styles of upholstery covers.

Mattress Fillings:

Memory foam – This type of filling is perfect for contouring to the sleeper positioning them in to a healthy posture. A memory foam mattress is good for relieving pressure points on the sleepers body this will promotes good blood flow ideal for a healthy nights sleep. The memory foam contours to the body and keeps the sleeper in this position all through the night. You can buy differing grades of memory foam from low to high density. Memory foam should be partnered by either springs or reflex foam as memory foam needs a quality foundation.

Natural fillings – There’s different types of natural fillings like wool, cotton, cashmere and Mohair all providing there own advantages. Natural filling mattress supply quality moister and temperature control for the sleepers. This type of mattress is very comfortable and could be known as a luxury mattress. A natural mattress is best partnered with springs for a quality support. Buy with pocket springs this will supply quality support and provide and independent sleeping surface ideal for partners.

Reflex Foam – A reflex foam mattress is perfect for supporting the sleeper. This style of foam can be a firm mattress or supplied as a soft or medium mattress ideal for options when it comes to shopping for mattresses. With reflex foam being cost effective your purchasing a cheap mattress for a bed frame. Reflex foam is good for partnering other materials being a foundation. This style of filling is similar to memory foam but it’s less contouring and has more of a bounce to the surface.

Latex – this material is perfect for mattresses being natural it’s going to provide a quality sleeping surface. Latex comes from the spa of trees and then chemicals are added to stop the material from going hard. This style of mattress can be expensive and this would be a good top filling working with springs underneath to keep the costs down. You can buy all latex mattresses but again this might not be cost effective and with a layer you supplied with a quality sleeping surface any way.

Spring Systems

Pocket Springs – This style of spring system is the best on the market. You can buy pocket spring mattresses with different counts of springs starting at 800 and then going up to 4000 the higher count the more support. The pocket spring system can partner with most fillings like memory foam, natural and reflex foam for a quality sleeping surface. There’s also micro pocket spring system brands have designed these to offer an even more individual supportive mattress.

Open coil / bonnel spring system – For a cost effective mattress this is the best suiter. With an open coil mattress your providing with good support perfect for partnering all types of fillings. With an open coil mattress system the springs are all connected so it’s not individual like pocket springs. This style of mattress might be good for a single mattress as the design can sometimes cause roll together this is where a partner can move into the middle of the mattress and this will cause the other sleeper to roll down in to the centre of the sleeping surface.

Mattresses can come be produced in different ways. For instance a mattress can be produced hand made or by machine. A roll up mattress would be created by a machine this style of mattress is perfect for keeping costs down on the delivery. A hand made mattress would be crafted in a factory with the springs, fillings and cloth upholstery all stitched and placed in position by craftsman.

There’s lot’s of features to a mattress for different styled beds. Buy a low profile mattress for a bunk bed this would mean the sleeper would be underneath the guard rail for safety while using the mattress. A memory foam mattress would be suitable for slatted bed base this would allow the material to be ventilated, perfect for moister control. Buying a firm mattress would be best suited to a solid base adding to a sprung offering would go against the principles of the mattress. The same would go with an orthopaedic mattress placing this on a sprung base would effect the support of the mattress and become less effective.

What size is a mattress made in?

Better Bed Company have lot’s of different sizes of mattress for the buy. Offer the same sized mattress as the bed this will effect the manufacturing guarantee if not the case. For best practice measure the bed frame before shopping for mattresses getting this process correct is very important. Consider the depth of the mattress this might effect the over all look of the bed too try not to intrude the foot end or headboard of the bed frame, this is also key to a secure sleeping surface.

Here’s some ideas of sized for your next mattress.

Small Single / 2ft6 – Buying a small single mattress would be good practice for a small sized bedroom. You could make more room for a bedside table and create a more practical space. A 2ft6 mattress is 75cm x 190cm this is perfect for 1 sleeper offering a comfortable surface. Consider a small single mattress in a guest room this could make more space for ottoman storage units to store extra bedding for your visitors. Place on a divan bed base or a wooden bed frame a 2ft6 mattress is designed in the correct way can be suitable for types of beds.

Single / 3ft – The perfect choice for 1 persons sleeping surface is a single mattress offering a spacious design. This type of mattress would be suitable for ottoman beds, bunk beds and high sleepers complimenting different base designs. A 3ft mattress is 190cm x 190cm and has different depths depending on the design of the mattress it’s self. Opt for a single mattress with an open coil spring system this keeps the buy cheap and this style would be suitable for 1 person. A single memory foam mattress might be a good idea for an oak bed frame working well for luxury with this style of bed usually designed with a slatted base there a good match.

Small Double / 4ft – Offer a small double mattress for space saving advantages in the house. This type of mattress would be perfect suiters to guest beds or sofa beds ideal for creating a sleeping area in tight spaced rooms. With a 4ft mattress measuring 120cm x 190cm there enough room for 2 sleepers comfortably. Partner with pine beds this will keep costs down but also offer advantages in terms of duration. A small double mattress would be perfect with a pocket spring system this would create individual sleeping surfaces if 2 people where to use the mattress. Buying a small double mattress would be perfect for a teenager this could bring a more mature atmosphere to the bedroom.

Double / 4ft6 – An excellent choice for 2 sleepers with the perfect dimensions. Offer a double mattress to all types of bedrooms with a spacious design for a healthy sleeping surface for 2 people. Buying a 4ft6 mattress for a main bedrooms or 2nd bedrooms would work well in the home. Choose with as a double pocket spring and memory foam mattress for individual sleeping offerings in the room. Offer to a grey fabric ottoman bed perfect for modern living consider a solid bed base for a firmer tension. A double mattress is 135cm x 190cm the same as 4ft6 x 6ft3 with this size perfect for 2 sleepers it’s ideal for master bedrooms. Consider this size to partner a metal bed frame working naturally together for a quality offering in the home.

King Size / 5ft – The perfect suiter for big sized beds. A king size mattress is great for a spacious effect in the bedroom. Supply a 6ft6 length to the sleeping surface perfect for taller people. The width of a king size mattress is 5ft or 150cm this is makes this size perfect for 2 people so they can stretch out and get comfortable. Consider a 5ft mattress for a luxury bed in a main bedroom perfect for partnering velvet scroll top frames. Offer as a king size medium tension mattress for one of the most commonly sold mattresses in the UK today. This style of mattress would be suited to most sleepers offering comfort perfect for most bed frames.

Super King Size / 6ft – Ideal for a large sleeping surface, perfectly suited to 2 people creating a comfortable size. Offer a super king size mattress to a master bedroom partnering with most bed frames for quality. This sized mattress provides a spacious sleeping offering for luxury stretch out for a comfort with a super king size mattress. A 6ft mattress is 180cm x 200cm or 6ft x 6th6 the largest UK size on sale in the UK. Partner with multiple bed frame types like ottoman storage beds and leather bed frames for a quality partnership. Offer a super king size memory foam mattress to a sprung slatted base with both designs working in tandem for the best nights sleep. Consider buying a super king size mattress in different tension this style is available in soft, medium or firm providing choices for shoppers.

Euro Single / 90cm x 200cm – This sized mattress would offer more length than a UK sized mattress. A euro size mattress is perfect if you have a long bedroom or the mattress is for a tall sleeper. Buy with a European sized bed frame for the best partnership. You can buy a European Single Mattress as a roll up these are sometimes imported in from Europe, saving cost in the delivery. This sized mattress would be perfect for a growing child partner with a triple sleeper or gaming bed for extra length to the sleeping surface.

Euro Double / 140cm x 200cm – The perfect choice if you want extra width and length for your sleeping surface. A European Double Mattress would be ideal if you have a spare bedroom and you want to present more space for your guests when they stay over the night. Opt for this size if your tall or like to stretch out in bed. Choose as a cool blue memory foam mattress this would present individual sleeping areas with this style contouring to the body for better posture. Excellent for Teenagers bedrooms offering a sense of adult hood and maturity.

Euro King Size / 160cm x 200cm  – Offer to the bedroom for a speciose sleeping surface. Choose a European King Size Mattress for different bedrooms in the home. This style of mattress would give you more width and length the UK alternative perfect for bigger people for a more healthy sleep. Choose with pocket springs, reflex or memory foam perfect for supporting while sleeping. Opt for a euro king size mattress with a bed frame or ottoman bed with a solid or slatted bed base. This would be a good choice in master bedrooms for 2 sleepers providing plenty of room.

These are just a few size options for the purchase online. Make sure to measure the bedroom before buying any mattress or bed and consider access and bedroom furniture. We have the Better Bed Company Size Guide to help you choose the right mattress for your bedroom.

What’s the most comfortable mattress?

There’s lot’s of mattress styles to choose from when it comes to comfort it’s different for everyone. Choose a mattress that best suits your circumstances for instance a pocket spring mattress might bed the most comfortable if there’s 2 sleepers and a firm mattress might be right for a heavy sleeper. Take in to account the bed base as this will effect how comfortable the mattress is for the sleepers.

We’ve come up with some ideas for the most comfortable mattress for you, check them out now:

Memory Foam – Opt for this style if your searching for a contouring mattress surface. Memory foam reacts with body heat and then contours around the shape of the sleepers body placing them into a healthy posture through the night. An excellent choice would be a memory foam and spring mattress for a supportive outcome. The spring will provide the support underneath the memory foam allowing the material to perform at it’s best. Opt for either pocket springs or an open coil spring system this might depend on budget. Place the memory foam mattress on a solid platform bed base this will supply a firmer tension to the mattress than a sprung top.

Cashmere – This style of mattress is perfect for moister and temperature control. A cashmere mattress is comfortable this is due to the material being fine and contouring to the body. The cashmere material is known as a luxury material in the bed trade only found in quality mattresses. This can be partnered with other natural materials like wool, cotton and silk perfect for a comfortable mattress. Consider a cashmere and pocket spring mattress in a king size for 2 people this would supply individual sleeping surfaces. A cashmere mattress would be suitable for a master bedroom offer to a wooden bed frame.

Firm Tension – Consider this tension if your heavy or need lot’s of support. A firm mattress can be comfortable for some sleepers but not for others. People who suffer with back issues sometimes think they need a firm mattress this isn’t always the case they just need support. The more springs inside the mattress the more support the sleepers going to get by rule of thumb. Consider the bed base with a firm mattress you would want to partner with a solid top if placed on a sprung this scenario would defeat the object. For an alternative a medium mattress might be the better option or for children choose a soft mattress and place on a solid base.

Orthopaedic Spring System – Choose an orthopaedic mattress for a comfortable sleeping surface. This type of mattress is perfect for supporting the body all over for the perfect sleeping surface. Designed for people who suffer from back aches and pains. The spring system is designed to position the spin alignment this helps with better posture and blood flow around the body. Choose different fillings with memory foam and natural fillings the best partners for an orthopaedic mattress. You would be best to offer a solid bed base for this mattress as if you place on a sprung it’s going to defeat the object of the mattresses design.

Bunk Bed – Offer this style to the kids bed perfect for safety. Choose a quality filling for a bunk bed mattress this can range from memory foam to natural filings. With children being light in weight a open coil spring would be appropriate or reflex foam underneath for a foundation filling. The depth of a bunk bed mattress is really important not for comfort but for safety. Make sure to buy this children’s mattress under 15cm deep as the sleeper won’t intrude over the guard rail of the top bunk. A bunk bed mattress would be comfortable with hypo-allergenic fillings and a soft to the touch knitted fabric cover.

Why buy your Mattresses from Better Bed Company?

We have experience in the mattress industry with over 30 years in the trade passing that on to our customers. With an extensive range of mattress we provide options to the shoppers offering styles that would be suitable for all types of beds. Our service doesn’t stop there with a customer care team were always there to answer any questions with a wealth of knowledge for customers.

Our social channels help us communicate with the public offering products insights, advice and  just simply connecting with the community. We also like a competition providing people with the chance to win vouchers not just for Better Bed Company but other brands out there. We’ve also created the Better Foundation which helps shoppers find charities, connecting to help those less fortunate.

We’ve also come up with the Better Hub this is a blog that has information on mattresses to help you choose the correctly. The Better Hub has a large range of content on beds, brands and bedroom furniture providing information that will help you with the buy. There’s guides on the hub that go deep in to why you should buy certain products like bunk beds, memory foam mattresses and bed frames there’s lot’s of detailed explanations.

With the recycling and delivery pages these give information you won’t find any where else. Providing detailed answers to questions you should be asking your self before you buy any mattress. There’s also the NHS and Student discount pages this is our way of saying thank you and giving hard working people some help if they need it.

You can always contact Better Bed Company on 08000467616 or email to if you have any questions on mattresses.

Pawel Gretzsky

April 16, 2024

Purchased a Julian Bowen mattress last week and I love the options you can choose! Me and my wife both agreed on firmness and we love it. Thank you!

Lisa O’Connor

April 16, 2024

I purchased the Kayflex Ecoflex last week, and I am very happy with my choice! It is very comfortable to sleep on. I would highly recommend this mattress builder for customising your mattress.

Marcel Tripp

April 16, 2024

I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping on the Bedmaster Prince Mattress and I am thoroughly happy with my choice! Being able to choose the firmness level and other features tailored to my preferences has made a noticeable difference in the quality of my sleep! Thank you!